Media: Liquid did not reach an agreement directly with Telegram; the token came from Gram Asia

Technology blog TechCrunch published an article on "Liquid announced that it will start selling the Telegram token Gram exclusively on July 10". It is worth noting that Liquid did not directly reach an agreement with Telegram. Instead, Liquid has agreed to hold an unknown amount of tokens held by Gram Asia, a South Korean-based company that claims to be the largest Gram token holder in Asia. At present, neither side has disclosed how many Gram will be sold at what price. This situation is quite strange, because even in the field of encryption, it is a common practice for companies to recognize sales partnerships. Liquid CEO Kayamori said in an interview with Tech Crunch that "this is Telegram and how they have been working all the time." Kayamori assured Tech Crunch that the token sales are straightforward and an important part of the TON (Telegram Open Network) program. Kayamori also said that TON will be fully available in October at the earliest, and part of the listing of Gram Asia is part of the overall strategy.