Analysts don't agree with the Drop Gold campaign launched by Grayscale, calling it Bitcoin Cartel.

Gold and foreign exchange analyst Dan Popescu said in Twitter that the gold and foreign exchange analyst Dan Popescu claimed that gold and its value did not die, but was on the rise. “In contrast to the false news spread by the Bitcoin Cartel (monopoly alliance) through the 'Drop Gold' movement, the fact is that gold has not been de-monetized. On the contrary, since the 2008 crisis, central banks have accumulated a large amount of gold; since 2018 The accumulation of sovereign funds is accelerating. Popescu added that although gold is not widely used for trading and payment settlement, it is vital to the world economy. “Since the 2008 financial crisis, the BIS transaction showed that gold was being used in international settlements, after gold was marginalized in the monetary system for decades. Even after 1971, gold was still the international monetary system. Pillars, even in the shadows.” For Popescu's comments, Barry Silbert was amused by the concept of “Bitcoin cartel”.