Twitter users speculate that the average daily trading volume of lightning network is only 500 reasons or the holder does not want to use BTC for payment.

Recently, LNBig, the largest liquidity provider of Lightning Network, recently issued a statement on Reddit that LNBig currently accounts for approximately 49.6% of the entire network, but only processes 200-300 transactions per day, with an average daily peak of approximately 600 transactions. Cigarette researcher Mihailo Bjelic said on Twitter that although LNBig has half the capacity, it provides about 70% of the mobility of the entire lightning network. Having a large capacity channel does not mean more trading volume. Therefore, even with capacity calculations, the total number of transactions processed by the Lightning Network per day is only about 500. The data also received Twitter users to question, ArgyXafis of the lightning network community LNTrustChain believes that after calculation, the lightning network transaction volume is about 2000. In this regard, angel investor MarcBevand commented that the Bitcoin network is becoming more and more congested, and the lightning network can not alleviate the congestion problem, because no one actually uses it.