The first batch of super-node partners of LongBit announced that it has locked the lock for more than half a year.

Today, individual investors such as Gongxinbao, Gongxin Capital, Radar Capital, BitBlock Capital, Tianlian Capital, Haru Capital, Huang Minqiang, Ding Yunpeng and others announced that they are the first super-node partners and locked the LBP for 6 months. the above. The total number of LBPs in the lockout was 94,605,405, accounting for 94.6% of the total private placements, and the lock account was longbit-super-nodes. It is reported that the Super Node Partner is a deep partner program launched by LongBit to build an ecosystem with partners and share future benefits. All institutions and large-scale individual investors involved in the private placement round all joined the plan, fully optimistic about the future development and benefits of LongBit.