Fire coin Li Lin exclusive response: frozen "running" funds

On June 11th, Babbitt exclusively reported that a wealthy wallet called TokenStore that was “holding interest” was suspected of running, and the investment of one billion yuan was vacated. Subsequently, blockchain security company PeckShield monitored that some of TokenStore's assets (27,384 EOS) began to flow into the exchanges such as Firecoin and ZB. Babbitt contacted the relevant personnel of the two exchanges for the first time and asked about the situation.

Li Lin, the founder of the fire coin, told Babbitt that some of the inflows have been frozen. At the same time, the fire currency public relations personnel said that the fire currency had analyzed the suspicious account in the first time and took measures. At present, suspicious accounts and other functions have been restricted, and subsequent fire coins will confirm the relevant users and their asset sources according to standard procedures. In addition, the fire currency also handled other suspicious accounts other than the report. Currently, functions such as coin withdrawal for suspicious accounts have been restricted.

Babbitt will continue to track the progress of the TokenStore "running" event, the topic link: