Bite founder Hui Wei died, continuous entrepreneurship, introverted personality

"I like to take risks. If there is a very new market today, the business model is very new, and it is very early, then I have to jump in and out."

This sentence became a slogan. On June 10, there were rumors that the founder of Biti, Hui Yi, died of suicide. On the evening, Zhang Yi, a partner of Bitcom, confirmed the news in the WeChat group.

Introverted boss

"He is a very good person, a good boss."

Zhang Li (pseudonym) is a former employee of Biti. During the work of Biti, she had a lot of direct contact with Huiyi. On the evening of June 10, a friend sent a message to Huili to Zhang Li. After the news, Zhang Li was shocked and even "had not slept well overnight."

"If things don't meet the requirements, he won't point to the nose like other bosses, but he will sit behind you with a stool and solve the problem with you."

In February 2019, due to market conditions, Bitou had internally laid off a layoff. "As far as I know, he still paid everyone's salary in full, and colleagues received compensation. In the market environment, the difference can be These people are really few and far between."

In Zhang Li's view, Hui Yi is a calm, well-conserved, incompetent but very good boss for employees.

In addition, Zhang Li told Shenshen Finance, although Huiyi is recognized as the god of speculative operation, Biti is also a software for digital currency investors, but Huiyi never brought employees to speculate in the company, and would not give it to everyone. Some tips on operating and pre-controlling risks, "he told everyone that speculation is a very gambling thing."

For Zhang Li, the only question is the character of Hui Yu.

"His character is very introverted, not good at making external vents or expressions. He will not be exposed to his life in a circle of friends. You can't judge at all what his personal life is like."

As for the online saying that Hui Yi committed suicide because of a sudden position, Zhang Li is skeptical.

"It must not be a simple matter. Laohui is so confident, and the operation is not bad. How can he commit suicide because of the explosion? It is not so simple to explore the logic of this matter."

In Zhang Li's view, as an entrepreneur, his anxiety will be much greater than normal people, and the pressure will be great. Some entrepreneurs will find their own way of releasing stress and can reverse things. If it is a person who is extremely introverted, then it is more difficult to talk about.

"It is possible that the explosion of the warehouse will become the last straw to crush the camel."

Continuous entrepreneur

From the point of view of resume, Hui Yi is a person who loves to "toss".

After graduating from the University of Science and Technology in China in 2003, Hui Wei entered the IBM Research Institute as a researcher and engaged in scientific research. In his view, this "can land and can do something more interesting."

However, the IBM Research Institute Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, has had four Nobel Prize winners and four Turing Award winners. After three years of work, Hui Yi was somewhat frustrated. "I don't think there is a Nobel Prize or Turing Award in this life. The highest goal in life may not be realized."

If there is no way, then change another one. After some thoughts, Hui Yi left IBM and went to Microsoft.

During Microsoft, Hui was involved in the product development of Microsoft Surface. Later, this product achieved great success. In 2008, it was named the top 10 most innovative technology products of the year by Time magazine of the United States.

However, his work experience at Microsoft has made Hui Wei somewhat disappointed with big companies.

"Actually, the Microsoft tablet has been done since 2007, but it was launched a little later. One thing has been doing for a long time, but I can't see when it came out. It may also begin to disappoint the slow culture of big companies. It is."

Although there are some dissatisfaction with these two big companies, Huiyi still benefits a lot. At IBM's work experience, Hui has a long-term perspective on things, and Microsoft's work has laid a solid foundation for its subsequent entrepreneurship.

In 2008, Hui Yi left Beijing to establish Beijing Totto Technology Co., Ltd., which is focused on developing touch applications and related industry touch solutions, which is similar to the work done at Microsoft.

In 2011, the LCD coffee table of Huiyi and Tutuo Technology was also on the “Beijing Evening News” titled “The Third Generation of Zhongguancun People”. Hui Wei told reporters at the time that we were doing the future industry.

However, after the acquisition of Tutuo Technology by a state-owned enterprise, at the end of 2012, Huiyi began to fade out of management.

Afterwards, Hui Yi tried the angel investment and the O2O entrepreneurship in the food field. Regarding the angel investment, Hui Yi said that “the angels have failed relatively well and all the casts have died”. And food entrepreneurship, in 2013, in an article entitled "A tear of O2O entrepreneurs: those pits of user experience", Hui Yi also reflected.

However, despite this, Hui Yu’s “toss” did not stop.

Chaos Internet Finance

In 2013, P2P grew wildly in China. In 2012, there were only more than 200 P2P companies nationwide. By the end of the year, it reached 800, and the growth was geometric multiple.

At that time, many of Hui's friends were engaged in P2P related work, which made him interested in P2P.

"Internet finance has developed at a faster pace in reality. At that time, it was discussed with two other partners for a long time. Everyone felt that it was feasible, and they started to work." In an interview with the media, Hui said.

The other two partners have experience in P2P and private finance, and they have a technical background. After half a year of preparations, in January 2014, the P2P company “Huaguo Finance” of Huiyi was successfully launched.

“Huaguo Finance” mainly provides short-term loans to small and medium-sized enterprises. It has helped more than 70 small and medium-sized enterprises to complete nearly 500 million yuan of financing in the past 7 months.

In July 2014, it also obtained the investment in the blue economy zone industrial investment fund with the state-owned assets and the capital technology group.

Around June 2015, Hui Yi resigned from “Huaguo Finance”. On the one hand, the reason for leaving the company is the confusion and worry about the industry. "In the past two years of P2P, many questions have not been answered, such as platform exit mechanism, industry supervision rules, etc., this industry is full of awe;" On the other hand, it is the internal differences of the team. He advocated the transformation of the platform and found that the team transformation opinions are not consistent.

However, after a short period of silence, in early 2016, Hui Wei came back with his new project, the social wealth management platform, “God and Fortune”, and the “Fruit and Fruit Finance” model is different.

In fact, since entering the Internet finance field, Hui Yi is not only a practitioner, but also an industry observer and thinker. In addition to receiving media interviews, he will often write articles to express his thoughts on the mutual gold industry. And views.

In Huixu's view, in the early days of reform and opening up, a group of people took on the crime of speculating and doing business, and after 30 years, a small number of people became the man of business. Most of them were obscured and old, and some were trapped. . But no matter what the outcome, it is because of these people that they have a market economy.

"Today's P2P people, with the hat of illegal fund-raising, are doing the same thing. Similarly, most of these people will not be able to do this because they have done this. Even a lot of endings may be miserable. But regardless of the outcome, they deserve to be respected," Hui said.

Cryptographic currency adventure

"I like to take risks. If there is a very new market today, the business model is very new, and it is very early, then I have to jump in and out."

In 2018, the wealth effect of cryptocurrency spread, and the wave of blockchain surged. The name of Huiyi appeared in the field of cryptocurrency.

Accompanied by a product called Bitcom, Bitcome provides professional market analysis tools and risk management strategies for digital currency investors to help investors control risks and achieve profitability.

In the field of cryptocurrency, “Bityi” can become famous. In addition to its excellent technical and data analysis capabilities, the propaganda endorsement of “The First Blockchain Project of Softbank China Investment” also played a big role.

In April 2018, "Bit Yi" official WeChat announced that it has obtained the A round of investment between Softbank China and Lanchi. In an interview with the media, Hui Wei said: "There was a total of two talks. The soft silver that was finalized, the other three or four, the two of us, discussed for a few hours, just made a decision in the office of Softbank China. Lanchi is separated. Finalized after one week."

However, regarding the investment of Softbank China, media people yesterday asked Softbank China for verification. The other party responded that Bite is the proposed investment project that Softbank China had contacted last year. Softbank China has finally abandoned the investment plan and has not actually carried out this. Pen investment. Bitcom is a non-Softbank China investment company.

Earlier in the interview with Shenzhen Financial Chain, the explanation given why Huixi entered the cryptocurrency field is that digital assets are a fast-growing emerging market with broad market space. Secondly, in the field of digital currency investment, it has been lacking. A professional data analysis tool like Bloomberg is undoubtedly a huge market opportunity.

"In fact, for us, people are caught up in the tail of reform and opening up. People who have stayed in the United States know that China's development opportunities are very rare now. There are so many opportunities in a mature business environment. It is already very rare."

For Hui Yi, Internet finance is a rare opportunity. The cryptocurrency is more, but he has escaped from the P2P thunderstorm, but he is in the cryptocurrency market.

12 entrepreneurs left in the past three years

In addition to Huiyi, deep-chain finance is not completely counted. In the past three years, 12 entrepreneurs have committed suicide or died of sudden illness.

On March 18, 2019, Li Peng, the game company's collusive and interactive CEO, passed away because of personal reasons, at the age of 45.

On February 24, 2019, Hu Zhiqiang, founder of Zhongchuang Workshop, died of illness.

On October 20, 2018, Zhou Lei, founder and CEO of Datong Insurance, died of sudden cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases at the age of 45.

On September 25, 2018, Dong Dawei, Chairman and General Manager of Discovery Media, was preparing to explore the listing business of the media company. He was exhausted and died of sudden cerebral infarction at the age of 39.

On August 7, 2018, the founder of Shenzhen He Leyuan, Gan Lai, committed suicide.

On August 7, 2018, Li Hua, the founder of Gu'an Tianxia & Security Bull, passed away.

On January 25, 2018, the 80-year-old entrepreneur who became famous in the early years, and the CEO of Wanjiao, committed suicide, at the age of 35.

On January 17, 2018, Huang Guobin, the chairman of Weixin Technology, a company listed on the New Third Board, died suddenly at the age of 32.

On January 16, 2018, the founder of Palm Scientific Technology took a sudden cerebral hemorrhage and died of medical treatment at the age of 38.

On February 8, 2017, Li Bo, deputy general manager of the Tuniu Tourism Network Reservation Center, died of a myocardial infarction at the age of 44.

On October 5, 2016, Zhang Rui, the founder of Chunyu, suffered a myocardial infarction and died in a rescue. He was 44 years old.

On June 29, 2016, Jin Bo, deputy editor-in-chief of Tianya Community, was overworked and died of a heart attack at the age of 34.


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