People's Bank of China's Liquidation Center recruits research talents in the blockchain field

On June 11, the People's Bank of China's Liquidation Center issued the "People's Bank Post-doctoral Research Center Postdoctoral Research Post 2019 Postdoctoral Recruitment Brief", which is open to recruiting 2019 postdoctoral researchers at home and abroad. Among them, the subject research has five major directions: financial infrastructure construction research, artificial intelligence application research, open banking architecture application research, blockchain technology application research, and payment system big data application research. The basic requirements of the application research of blockchain technology are to carry out the technical research and application of blockchain. The specific contents include: 1) tracking the latest research results of blockchain technology in industry and academia; 2) proposing block-based The business scenario application model of the chain technology, design and implement the prototype of the relevant application scenarios, and verify the functions, efficiency and availability. 3) Carry out research on the underlying technology of blockchain and try to reference and apply it in the underlying architecture of the payment system. Note: The People's Bank of China's Liquidation Center is a national financial service organization that provides payment clearing and related services to central banks, commercial banks and the whole society.