Babbitt columnist: For capital markets, the digital money market, equity market than the block chain industry more attractive, vitality

Blockchain and digital currency lecturer and Babbitt columnist Sun Vice President issued a statement today on Babbitt that for the capital market, the digital currency market is more attractive and vital than the blockchain industry equity market. Because the former satisfies to a certain extent the social rigid demand for the "lower night" and "crossing the class" at the bottom of Maslow's theory, while the latter publicly claims that the goal is "social decentralization". “Renovation of production relations” and “community alternative enterprises” are “(quasi) self-realization needs” on the high level of Maslow's theory. Obviously, for the outside world, the former's goal is to be tangible, more attractive than the latter, which is ambiguous and seemingly out of reach, which determines the digital currency industry will be better than the block. The chain industry is more sustainable attracting capital.