BM: Today's regulatory environment exists 5 years ago, bitshares, Steem may not exist

According to MEET.ONE, in the early hours of yesterday evening, BM talked about the topic of supervision in the telegraph group. He said: If such a regulatory environment exists five years ago, then bitshares, Steem and even EOS will not exist because these The regulations stifle innovation and create an environment in which business can only be carried out with government permission. Companies like B1 can comply with regulations, but for everyone who doesn't have hundreds of millions of dollars in funding, this is impossible. In addition, he also responded to questions from some communities: Does the current EOS wallet support signing transactions with youbikey? BM: No, you need a hard fork (technical upgrade). Is EOSIO 2.0 supporting Webauthn, or the original EOSIO, the same EOS token, right? BM: EOS tokens remain the same, EOSIO will only become faster and safer. EOS In addition to Voice and DApp, what other strategic partners are there? BM: (in this regard) EOS VC has done a lot.