Foreign media: Users from more than 50 countries such as the United States and Japan will not be allowed to participate in the public sale of Gram in July.

According to The Block, Three Zhus Capital CEO Su Zhu said recently that Gram Asia will "effectively focus its holdings of Gram tokens on Liquid customers." The tokens sold will be issued after TON is launched, and the purchaser cannot transfer, take out or trade before the issue. The Future Token Simple Agreement (SAFT) usually explicitly prohibits the sale of tokens in the secondary market, which means that more than 50 countries, including the US, Canada and Japan, will not be allowed to participate in the sale. In addition, Liquid CEO Kayamori insists that TON should be available in October. According to previous news, Liquid announced that it will open the sale of Gram on July 10, and Gram Asia is the largest holder of the token in Asia. However, some sources pointed out that there is no relationship between Liquid and Telegram. Tech Crunch also reported that Liquid did not directly reach an agreement with Telegram, and Kayamori claimed that "this is how Telegram has been operating all the time" and that the token sales are fair.