The currency circle "after 95": entrepreneurship is difficult, it is easy to make a short position

Our era seems to never give too much tolerance to the growing generation. After 90, it was labeled too many negative evaluations, and after 95 is no exception, "second yuan", "home", "jumping "," "I can't hold on"… When most of the "post-95s" were squeezed out by the society, they would have to "retire" and when they didn't turn right, they wanted to retire. Some excellent young people were already "young." ", on the road to the freedom of wealth, a bloody road.

“Most people exist, that is all.” Obviously, the young guests in this issue are using the past 20 years to say no.

Golden sentence highlights:

The wallet wants to break through the low-frequency bottleneck and become a real traffic entry, not a storage. The essence of bitcoin's rise is that people's confidence in the dollar's legal currency is gradually falling. If a person has no controversy, he may still live in a stand-alone game. Looking back, if you feel that you are stupid, you have grown up. The older the person, the easier it is to cut the leek; the younger the person, the more they want to prove themselves. When most people negate one thing, this may be a very good whistle. Wake up to you every day is not a dream, but an alarm clock that bursts. The market I am talking about may be to let more people on board with me and get off the bus. The essence of the transaction is the brokerage plus the casino plus the bank. To lean on the value investment, he is a brokerage; when it is tilted towards speculation, it is the casino. Tracing this thing, when the cost is much greater than the value it can generate, it is a pseudo-demand.


Cai Wei: In 1998, Rong Qingxun, the founder of the Rongke Blockchain CEO/Hello Token Wallet: In 1997, the co-founder of ChainPlus/Capital Partners


Xiao Wei: ignorant blockchain promoter/ChainNode live room resident host Azhe: Blitzcrypto founder/ChainNode live room invited host

The following is the content of the conversation, which is sorted out by the ChainNode live broadcast.

Xiao Yan: Where did the source of the initial business come from?

Cai Wei: Actually, when I first started my business, I didn’t think that starting a business was a very fun thing. At that time, I thought it was a very pretentious thing. I felt that I could like a girl to like it, and then I went on a business that didn’t return. And even now I still like it.

In the course of the detailed process, I have been chasing the wind. My first venture project is VR. At the time, when Google was making cartons, I had already got a VR patent, and then made a 2K screen VR. But then I felt that the content couldn't keep up. I found that this is an era when the content is king. Therefore, I later transformed myself into the media, and I have done a lot of industry. I have been chasing the trend. I think the blockchain industry is very new. This time I really feel very close to success.

Kong Qingxun: I started my business in high school. At that time, I didn't want to study in high school. But the results were OK. They were basically the top ones in the class, so I felt that I had to challenge myself and do something different because I was doing it every day. It should be seen what tiger sniffing, 36Kr, Ma Yun, and Liu Qiangdong gave their speeches and found that there are some opportunities for “change” in the Internet industry, so they started to start their own businesses.

My first venture was to do O2O, because I saw Wang Xing doing a US group, and Cheng Wei made a drop. At that time, my hometown was a small city in the northeast. The environment was not the same. The entry is not very deep. I noticed that they may not have Alipay without a bank card in the field scene, but they can use the Internet to understand the demand for merchant offers, so we started to make an app to match our membership card. , do offline to the store to pay such a point system.

Azhe: I think the biggest factor may be related to the big environment around me, because I am on Huayou University. The developers who have V gods and various devs in front of them are particularly open in front of them. The impact began with blockchain entrepreneurship.

The first time I started a business, I had nothing to do with IT. I mainly focused on real estate. Because the first thing that many people came to study in Toronto at the time was renting a house. So I and my brother and I opened a “targeting the international student market” for this demand. Property management company. Xiao Yan: Although everyone is young, they are all veterans of Internet entrepreneurship. Then how did you understand the new field of blockchain?

Cai Wei: Actually, when I first knew Bitcoin, it was biased and even misunderstood. Because some relatives around me were doing MLM at the time, he told me that Bitcoin is a good thing. You know that the positioning of his character is my pyramid scheme in my heart. He recommended Bitcoin to me. Then I felt Bitcoin Equal to MLM.

That is 2013. In 2013, I was already doing some small startup projects. In 2014, I started to start a business. Compared to the industry I am doing, I think this thing is particularly empty. But I personally love to delve into it. I went to see the bitcoin white paper. Although I can't read it, after I found a lot of translated documents, I was a little brainwashed because I felt that the whole system was problematic and went to the center. It is a very cool thing for me.

After much contact with the back, I slowly fell in love with the blockchain, and of course lost a lot of money. I have made money to lose money, but the bear market makes money, the bull market is almost the same, almost the same state, repeated cycles.

Kong Qingxun: I also started to contact the blockchain in 2013. Because we had to rent a server at the time, but the server was expensive, we thought about how to reduce the cost of the server a bit, because in 2013, Bitcoin can still be dug with a graphics card, and even use the CPU to dig, although CPU mining has been very inefficient, it is equivalent to the efficiency of using video cards to dig bitcoin, so we tried to use the server to dig bitcoin, although I did not dig it out, but I started playing Gate from that time. At that time, it was also called Biter. Gate sent platform coins some time ago. I found that I registered Gate in 2013, and registered the fire coins in 2014, but there was no money at the time, and it was very small. In 2014 and 2015, there was a lack of attention to this thing for a while, until 2017 again ALL IN.

Azhe: As a 95-year-old father, I was later in contact with the two 1998 and 1997. I was the first contact in 2014. When I was in college, I bought a very good video card for my computer. At that time, I wanted to use the video card when I was in class. My friends said that I could use it to mine. At that time, Ethereum did not come out, so we began to dig bitcoin. It’s especially interesting, so I slowly fell into the rabbit hole. Xiao Yan: Entrepreneurship is not a particularly easy thing. In many cases, “choice is greater than hard work”, so when you choose the direction, you will test the psychological quality and wisdom of everyone. How do you determine the entrepreneurial direction at that time? What about it?

Cai Wei: Why should I go to make a wallet? Before my friend circled a few things that I hated the most, I think it is mainly based on cutting leeks. The first one takes the blockchain wallet to go to the counterfeit Alipay to go to the benchmark bank. I don't know if he misunderstood the blockchain concept, or he misunderstood himself, because the first thing Alipay is just a currency electronic payment method, it does not represent money, it is just an electronic payment. Token is a currency, so I don't think he should go against them.

The second is to do some financial management functions. I feel that like some project parties, he should have such a management requirement, but if you open a retail account, it may be much higher than your overall annualization. Another point is that there is a lot of people who don’t want to put money in their wallets, except for some air coins and some airdrop candy. So the demand for wallets is not very urgent now, so why should I go to make wallets, I think, Because several functions on it may not be related to the wallet, the wallet must be a traffic portal, like Dapp, like a real disk, many people should know me in the real disk, some instrumental, for example, some information, funds Turning in and out, capital flow, long-short ratio, etc. These are all very instrumental things, because the wallet is a very low-frequency thing, I hope to turn it into a very high-frequency tool. I define it as a traffic entry, not a storage.

Kong Qingxun: Before I entered the blockchain industry, I was doing marketing. Many big companies like Huawei and China Southern Power Grid are our customers, so when we enter this industry, we also hope to start from the marketing level. I have done ChainPlus in Hong Kong, mainly to help some overseas blockchain projects, to do market and marketing services in China. In 2018, we should serve 40 to 50 project parties from more than ten countries around the world. Bean Capital is equivalent to a part of our industry chain. After we have funds in the marketing process, we must invest. Therefore, we have joined the partners of Bean Capital. Many projects are invested by me personally. of. This year we will continue to do some things. For example, we will launch our own exchanges this month, and then we will bring some new gameplay. We hope to lay out the entire industry step by step and build a real industry chain. Xiao Yan: Several of the guests are very young. They seem to be a model of "small and promising" in the eyes of outsiders. However, there are inevitable voices on the road to entrepreneurship, such as Qingxun’s "knowing events" and Cai Wei’s "explosion". Event, how do you dispel this doubt?

Cai Wei: Now everyone says that I am the first person in the currency circle. You should see it in some communities. I think it is a good thing to have doubts. It means that you have been a little more outstanding, others can see it. I will question you if you get to your question. If I feel that there is no controversial character, I think he may still be in a stand-alone game. I feel that anyone is going to go to the circle. I don't think it's impossible to say that everyone is going to pursue you because it's hard to adjust.

It’s impossible to have no worries in mind. At first, the mentality is definitely an explosion. I even think who it is. I took him out and made a meal. In the end, people were numb, and they valued their voices. Finally, they evolved into Just be yourself.

In fact, when it comes to the problem of cutting, I actually think that the older the people, the easier it is to cut the leeks. The younger the person, the easier it is to prove himself. I think that controversy must be a good thing. Anyone who started out at the beginning is controversial. People grow up in controversy.

Kong Qingxun: I quite agree with this point of view, because I am a big V from the Internet. I know that Weibo has almost 20 million fans, but I have a lot of voices. In 2017, there was a 骂My post, at that time, I should be 20 years old. I bought a house and knew it. I don’t believe many people. How can you buy a house and go to college at the age of 20? At that time, I had already started attacking me as a pyramid scheme or liar before I started to do the blockchain. Because of that, all the big Vs including the CEO of Weibo were turned online, and finally reached the reading volume of 10 million. At that time, I was under a lot of pressure. Later I felt that I had to say it, go to the bungee jumping, after the bungee came back. It’s a lot better.

Looking back now, I think that those are all wealth, and indeed, what Cai Wei said is that the voice of doubt can make us more calm. If the outside world is boasting about you, then you may be more and more sloppy, or even aware of yourself. I have done something wrong. Instead, someone has been attacking. When someone is questioning you, you have to reflect on whether everything you are doing is correct, or that I have to make some adjustments, or even say Slow down and look back, then look down the road, I think this is very important. Azhe: When it comes to controversy, I have to "torture" Cai Wei here. Now there is a question in the currency circle. "Are you Wenzhou's speculative coin group holding out IP?"

Cai Wei: The Wenzhou speculative coin team took me out of this question. I think it can be clarified here. I think this question is very unrealistic. They hold me to be a counter-finger image. Many people think that this PR is perfect, right? Because negative things are always easier to spread than positive things, but there are more than 16 million short positions on the real face of my short position. Do you think they need to spend so much money to create such an image?

Xiao Wei: In just 10 days at the end of May, the BSV rose by a maximum of 260%. The rise in prices has driven up community sentiment. Before the rise, Oban Congru said that he was Sakamoto, and the community would ask for a digital signature. After the rise, it would become "BSV is the real bitcoin, and Omoto is Sakamoto." Although this is a drama, but this reflects to some extent it seems that in the early stage of the industry, it seems that only the pull is the best marketing, there is TRX before, there is BSV, the public can change in one person in an instant, you How do you see this phenomenon?

Cai Wei: First of all, about the price increase, I was in April, when the BSV was 52, I was always shouting, taking over the BSV and shouting three. At that time, everyone yelled at me and said that I am referring to God. Secondly, based on your point of view, I think that Auburn is not Sakamoto, and it doesn't matter at all. For an industry as early as this, for most people who are now coming into the speculative coin, he just needs to make money, then the pull is a good project for him, and we don’t care if he is Nakamoto, what is he? do not know. But if it is morally speaking, he may be more radical in this way. After all, I think that the lying entrepreneur is not a good entrepreneur.

Kong Qingxun: Auburn Cong must not be Nakamoto, BSV, I actually said that the coin will be zero when it was just forked. Then I sold the BSV at 90 dollars, more than 80 dollars, so The whole is not losing money and earning a little money. For the BSV pull, I can only say that Auburn can be very rich, but his submission of the US Bitcoin file is basically meaningless at all, so I will retreat 10,000 steps, if Auburn can confirm It’s the words of Nakamoto, and I will lose faith in Bitcoin from now on. I think this person is already in my mind.

Speaking of the pull plate, I think the phrase "pull is the best marketing" is correct. It can make the so-called leek really make money, but what is the essence of this thing after the pull back? If it is the air behind you, even if the short-term pull will eventually return to zero, I keep my point unchanged, I think the BSV is a fraud.

Azhe: When it comes to the pull plate, there is a BSV after the TRX. The coin ring pulls, this is known to everyone, happens all the time. Xiao Yan: Then how do you see Justin?

Cai Wei: This thing, I think I have a point of view like this. Well, I don't have a point. I don't think there is any way to describe him. The degree of heat has already made people feel a bit disgusted.

Kong Qingxun: I think he has a very strong packaging ability and self-marketing ability, and some people say why Sun Yuchen cut so much money, but there are very few people who blame him, because his market value management method is very interesting, he may be every wave Cut a part of the money, for example, let you lose 34%, but it will not directly make you lose 90%, so everyone said that he is jealous of him, and his previous pull does make some users earn money. So from 2018 to 2019, word of mouth has been slowly established, although I think that some of his practices may be slightly more than the bottom line of many people, but overall, in the currency circle, I think this person is okay, he Still doing something. Xiao Yan: What do you think of Justin buying Buffett's lunch?

Azhe: I think only he is willing to spend money.

Kong Qingxun: One picture that I can supplement my brain is, Sun Yuchen said: Mr. Buffett, I have 100 million wave fields. Mr. Buffett said: You give me 100 million wave fields, I will not want it. Xiao Yan: Do you personally market? Is marketing a derogatory term for you?

Cai Wei: I think it is a derogatory term. There is an old saying that the wine is not afraid of the alley. Now what about the wine in the alley? Then see who's PR ability is stronger, because when everyone finally loves to surface, it is clear at a glance.

Kong Qingxun: I feel that this ability must be as strong as possible without prejudice to the bottom line, because letting the world know you is part of your core competencies. Xiaoxuan: The money market may have risen more than 125% since April, and there are different opinions on the reasons for the rise. Some people say that it is a halving market, or a consensus meeting, a comprehensive factor of trade wars, you think may be What is the reason and saying that it will have a double bottom now? Or will it always go up?

Cai Wei: I think what you said above are the reasons. The first one is the international form. Like the Sino-US trade war, like some emerging countries, inflation, like Iran and some of the United States, it will lead to the demand of Bitcoin. The volume has risen, and large organizations are holding one after another. Google’s recent search index is also soaring.

I was in March and April, when Bitcoin was 5,000 US dollars. I sent a "5000 US dollars in the circle of friends. You don't want to copy the bottom. I waited for 7000 to call again." Because I am very optimistic about Bitcoin, I think 12000. The dollar must be not far away. But recently I was milking EOS twice on Weibo. When I bought EOS for the first time, the price was eight and two. After that, I fell to six eight in the evening and then pulled it up. Then I went to EOS last night (June 1st) and said that ten EOSs are coming. It was originally a price of eight and two, and now it has fallen, so I think most people are afraid to vote with me, so I One of the quotes may be to let more people on board with me and get off the bus.

Regarding the bottoming problem, I feel that if the big bull market will encounter a lot of retracement, and it is a considerable fluctuation, perhaps a fluctuation of 1000 knives may be a fluctuation of 1500 knives.

Kong Qingxun: You see that bitcoin has risen this year, not because its value has risen, but because people’s confidence in the dollar is gradually falling. When China and the United States fight trade wars, we can see who the United States wants to sanction. If it sanctions Huawei, then American companies cannot legalize their business, so what does it use to supervise? In fact, it is very difficult to supervise the goods, that is to say, the funds, the last way Huawei funds can not enter the US company account. So if we say bitcoin, in fact, this problem is solved, so I think the more I think the development of digital currency is actually beneficial to the Chinese government, but the United States is the biggest loser. From this point of view, the cryptocurrency market must have great value in the long run, and this is why the digital currency will start to rise after the study of the situation this year.

Azhe: I want to express that I am an overseas geek. Generally speaking, from the Adoption Curve, the innovators are at the forefront, then the mass adopters, and now the geek innovators I contact are consistently shorting bitcoin ( At the value level, the biggest reason is that we think that Bitcoin can't universally realize the Vision mentioned in the white paper. In 2015, there have been many opportunities, including expansion, etc., which have already been missed, so we are more biased. Some overseas projects include Dai, which stabilizes the currency Makerdao, or there are some particularly interesting public chains. Xiao Yan: There are a few interesting points when it comes to this. You mentioned that in 2015, Bitcoin limited the size of the block. If you didn't choose to expand, you missed the opportunity. You think the two options are: direct expansion of the main chain and Layer 2 network expansion, which method is the optimal solution?

Kong Qingxun: I used to think that the way of BCH is better, but now I think Bitcoin is quite good, because it belongs to the currency itself, and the biggest value lies in finance (without needing other functional functions). Then you can't expand it. Actually, this is not so important. I personally think.

Azhe: I think that if everything is accustomed to the environment around him and can't grow up with the environment, everything will die out. If LN appeared three years ago, it might be a game changer, but now I think too late, I think I have missed the best windows.

Kong Qingxun: I may not agree with this point of view. I think Bitcoin will not be killed by other cryptocurrencies even if it will be killed. I may be a new thing to kill Bitcoin, but I don’t think it will be in five years. Within, I think Bitcoin will have value for at least five years. Xiao Yan: Before we talk about the price, we still have to return to the value. In the current situation, how many people think that the blockchain landing scene is more optimistic?

Cai Wei: First of all, I think that many people now engage in blockchain, forcibly combine with some Internet projects, e-commerce, etc. I think this is very ridiculous because the infrastructure of the Internet has been done very well. For the user, he does not feel the blockchain makes any changes to this scene. If you really want to say something, it’s nothing but in some financial fields, maybe in the supply chain, in the banking sector, etc. But if you can see something in the short term (landing), maybe my eyes are short, I don’t see it. Some valuable things come out. What do you say like a public chain? There are still some valuable things to come out, which is inseparable. Like most gambling on EOS, most people won't play (which means no value). Then I believe that there may be many people in the future to get in touch with the currency circle, not because of a token, but because of a fun game, a very nice application, which means that the industry is beginning to play its value.

Kong Qingxun: We did a lot of trials last year including investment projects, blockchains and various things. Later, we discovered that it is financial in nature. It is different from the Internet. We should not use the logic of traditional Internet maintenance. Going to see this thing, then we now think that there are only two opportunities, one is the public chain, the second is the exchange, because the nature of the transaction is actually the brokerage plus the casino plus the bank, to lean on the value investment, He is a brokerage, then we go to this speculative to lean a little while, it is a casino, stud, chasing up and down. Including the game we say block is basically 90%, and even almost all of it is somewhat of a so-called game nature, because it wants to inspire people to play with money. Cai Wei: How do you see the currency-free blockchain?

Kong Qingxun: The coin-free blockchain must have its value, for example, the alliance chain like the banking system, including blockchain invoices like Tencent. I just read an article two days ago, that is, many Soviet veterans. In the past, the country gave him a lot of medals. Then some people went to their homes to rob them in order to sell the money. They snatched and sold them. If we put the medals on the chain, this In fact, there is no such problem, then these are the values ​​that the coin-free blockchain can produce.

Xiao Yan: When it comes to a specific application scenario, have you ever encountered a project that is considered to be a pseudo-demand?

Cai Wei: Actually, there were quite a lot of such projects in 17 years. In fact, it was plain. In the past, the white paper of the project was good. It was so easy to play the coins. It was so simple and took the lead with your eyes closed. But now there is a saying, "The sword of the dynasty can't cut the leeks of the dynasty," so I think the routine of this industry is changing. Some more models are changing, but I think breaking the hair is a shameful thing. .

Kong Qingxun: But breaking the hair is inevitable for most projects. Because it is essentially air nothing. Let me give you an example of pseudo-demand, such as traceability. This industry has been doing it for 18 years, and we still have some understanding.

At that time, we had to incubate such a project with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. At that time, the team was really very luxurious. What was the former ministerial cadre retired leader, but later discovered the matter itself, for example, to trace the production of an apple, or I said a chicken. I used to see a project. I tied a foot ring to the chicken, and I took it every step of the way. Finally, I made the blockchain traceable to the e-commerce. I feel curious, I don’t think it makes sense. .

Cai Wei: I think so. Now that we are going to buy a product, it is nothing more than being attracted by PR. It may be because the quality of one of his products is completely revealed through traceability. How many things did a chicken eat, how much music it had heard, how much red wine it had, and how delicious the chicken was, so I should choose this chicken. In the future, it is a trend to let the masses buy the quality of the products.

But now many traceability sources are indeed very nonsense. As Kong Zong always said, that thing is very supportive, although I am doing it myself. It needs to involve a lot of things, like 5G, artificial intelligence, because of the artificial part, we need a variety of techniques to match him to complete the winding.

But this is back to an original topic. It is not necessary to trace the source. Because the cost of the winding is quite high, it is impossible to say that I am going to plant rice once. I sell this product with a farmer. Maybe he can produce 10,000 yuan a year. He has to pay a service fee of 1 million, which is unreasonable, but I think this is still very early, but this thing is worth encouraging.

Kong Qingxun: Actually, we are talking about the same thing. But when tracing this thing, its cost is far greater than the value it can generate, it is actually a pseudo-demand, in fact, 99% of the project in the currency circle is like this. Picture 1

After the 95th of the big truth, N+ broke the news:

Is the model currency under resonance not doing evil?

Model currency We used to think that he was doing evil, but now think about it. In fact, the model currency has given at least a lot of certainty to this kind of investor. Give them such confidence. I am more direct and honest. In the past, many so-called ICOs may break when they open, and if they break 90% or even return to zero, then this is the real evil. Instead, it is a model that gives people a certainty in an uncertain industry. So this is a more gentle one. Of course, a model will always have him playing, then how to coordinate this interest mechanism, how to go Let more people participate in this distribution of benefits, how to ensure the interests of the entire community, in fact, this is an economic issue, it is very worth thinking.

After the pattern is up, such as resonance, you see that these months are all making money, then there must be plagiarism, there must be imitation, including today we say VDS, including this last year's FOMO3D Once this imitation disk appears, the life cycle of this model is basically a half-life or even a decline. A previous project may say that it can be done for a few months, followed by a month, or even a week, or three days or the same day. Harvesting must be like this. So if you have new ways to play, how can you make this mechanism more coordinated? For example, FCoin itself is a trading house with a model. Although there is a decline in the latter stage, you see that his early investors basically didn't say anything bad about him, because they are still making money in essence, even now. ChainNode Live Room Reminder: Does not constitute any investment advice, readers please filter and filter.

If you go back to 2008, what would you say to yourself?

Cai Wei: Because I already know the Bitcoin white paper, I might write something like this in 2008. I am Nakamoto Satoshi, a local Chinese green onion.

Kong Qingxun: For example, when I returned to a few years ago, I must say that I bought Bitcoin. But at the time of 2013 and 2012, I didn't necessarily believe it. This is the first point. The second point is that if I gave me a lot of wealth at the time, I would definitely want it. This is not tempting, but from the current point of view, it is true that if I was in 2013, I might have all the money I had at the time of the venture, probably the same as now, but the process is completely different. . There is a saying called "A very crazy pleasure, there must be a very crazy ending." If you want to get a lot of wealth at once, and your ability, your values, your vision, and your wealth, the so-called old Chinese saying that Germany does not match, then it will be a disaster. It may ruin a lifetime, so I think that now, everything is the best arrangement.

Azhe: I might short the bitcoin and lose more than half of the earth. ChainNode live room reminder: the past can not be chased.

Are there still young entrepreneurs entering the market, do you have any suggestions for them?

1. Never touch futures 2. Don't forget your heart

ChainNode live room reminder: the bosses are right!

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