The country's first blockchain electronic bill platform was launched in Zhejiang Province

According to Sina Zhejiang Report, initiated by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance and Alipay, the province's first blockchain electronic bill platform, the Zhejiang Blockchain electronic bill platform, jointly launched by the Provincial Big Data Bureau, the Provincial Health and Health Commission, and the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau Officially launched. The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance said that the launch of the platform is aimed at opening up the last mile of the user's medical treatment process. After the successful pilot program in Taizhou, the current provincial platform has also been launched, including 11 comprehensive schools including Zhejiang Yi and Zhejiang University Shao Yifu Hospital. The hospital is expected to cover more than 100 hospitals in the province by the end of the year. Up to now, the electronic bills provided by Zhejiang Electronic Billing Platform have realized some commercial insurance reimbursement and other use scenarios. Next, the Zhejiang Province blockchain electronic bill platform initiated by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance will expand the convenience service to the areas of medical insurance sporadic reimbursement, reimbursement in different places, and even expand to public payment and use scenarios such as education and public welfare.