Media: MGC arbitrage moved brick wallet suspected of running, 3 million assets stolen

According to the block rhythm report, the digital wallet MGC Token, which provides users with brick-and-mortar arbitrage services, is suspected of being stolen. A large number of users report that the assets have been stolen, and the assets are currently being transferred in batches to the address at the beginning of 0x2B290. As of press time, the address has completed 40,000 small transfers, and the total assets are close to 3 million yuan. It is suspected that the team is running the money. According to the official announcement of MGC Token, "The current user feedback has a problem of losing money. Don't worry, we will compensate you for your losses as soon as possible. Please unbind the third-party wallet, such as imToken. We will give a solution within 48 hours." "At present, the Ethereum industry chain is unstable. If there is an asset transfer, please don't worry. We will do our best to solve the problem." For this announcement, the head of the imToken public relations said that the MGC Token has been marked as a pyramid currency by the system. Take the user to 挟imToken, threaten not to let the user use the imToken wallet, and said that the lost currency belongs to the issue of imToken. imToken advises the victim to call the police as soon as possible to avoid more losses.