Google Trends: China's "Ethereum" search volume is second only to Kosovo, but "Bitcoin" search volume is minimal

According to Google Trends data, the country with the largest per capita search for “Bitcoin” (Bitcoin) is Nigeria, and the country with the largest search volume per capita in “Ethereum” (Ethereum) is Kosovo. This seems to be related to cryptocurrency-related activities in the region. Reuters last year's survey showed that Kosovo is a very popular cryptocurrency mining site. The Chinese “Ethereum” per capita search volume is also very high, second only to Kosovo, but its “Bitcoin” search volume is very small. In Ghana, the opposite is true. The country is one of the countries with the highest search volume of “Bitcoin”, but Google Trends data shows that residents of the country are not very interested in Ethereum. It should be noted that these data are based on English search and are from Google. Therefore, it may not be able to scientifically count countries where English is not widely used or where Google is not a popular search engine.