The Vietnamese government requires all departments, industries and localities to do management work in the fields of virtual assets and virtual currency.

According to the report of the Vietnam News Agency, the Vietnamese government has firmly implemented the goal of curbing inflation, maintaining a stable macroeconomic operation, tackling difficulties, and determined to successfully complete all the targets in the 2019 plan. This is what was proposed at the government's regular meeting in May 2019. In order to achieve the above objectives, the government's requirements include departments, industries and localities to make full use of the opportunities and favorable conditions brought by Industry 4.0, accelerate the construction of e-government at all levels of government, promote the digital transformation of the economy, and improve the relevant legal system to help enterprises accelerate the application of digital technology. To carry out economic digital transformation, develop a shared economic model, a new business model, and do a good job in the management of virtual assets, virtual currency, and electronic payments.