F2Pool founder Shenyu: There is a pool call power to use long-term block attacks on other mines

F2Pool founder Shenyu said in a circle of friends today: There are various income models for mining in 6 years ago, and different income model calculation methods are difficult for miners to accurately calculate the income, so there are many tricks. The fish pond was founded at the beginning. This problem, after several years of hard work, has adopted a PPS model that is transparent to miners. In recent years, Chinese friends and businessmen have made unremitting efforts, all kinds of water and public opinion warfare, nominally charge lower rates, behind the adjustment of the mining pool to show computing power, and even use the "artificial intelligence" rate (just access period to low rates) Later, the dynamic adjustment rate to 5% or even 10%) finally fainted the miners. Some even call the power to use long-term block attacks on other mines. Funny is a large currency, the whole network computing power (calculated according to the difficulty) and the actual network mining capacity is a quarter of the long-term difference, that is to say, there is a quarter of computing power for the block attack, suppressing competition Opponents, let other pools lose money to close down.