Troubled by phishing attacks, BitMEX: these three points can ensure account security

The BitMEX security team announced on June 11 that the number of cyber attacks on the exchange was higher than usual, and each time was more complicated and bad than the previous one. The cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform encourages users to strengthen their account security so that their funds are stolen by hackers: "Recently, we have seen more and more attempts to hack or gain unauthorized access to customer accounts. Enable for your account. Two-factor authentication is the best and easiest way to protect users from such attacks." BitMEX found some features of the attacked account: 1. Reuse passwords, or use passwords that are easy to see. 2. Intrusion into your personal mailbox to reset your password results in theft of your account. 3. The client computer is infected with malware and the security password is stolen. BitMEX concludes: "We remind all customers and users to protect your BitMEX and personal accounts: 1. Use secure and unique passwords; 2. Enable two-factor authentication for all accounts; 3. Use password managers." Please stamp: