The data shows that the BTC has fallen back and the forward contract is in the premium state.

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 17:00 on June 12, the BTC price was $7971.9, the market value was 140,595.9MM, and the mainstream exchange 24H BTC trading volume was about $731.8MM. BTC opened the market yesterday morning and stood firm. After 8000 points, it quickly fell back. At present, BTCUSD/Coinbase is at a premium status to BTCUSDT/Bitfinex. In terms of computing power, BTC currently has a computing power of 54.56E, which maintains stable fluctuations; the number of active addresses has a certain upward trend; futures, long and short The number of single-open orders has been reduced. The contract price in August and September is higher than the July contract price. In July, August and September, the market is in the same position. The market outlook is more optimistic. The total market value of Bitcoin is 55.32%. There is a certain downward trend.