Alipay online blockchain medical treatment system, 60% reduction in medical time

The first batch will cover 11 general hospitals.

According to Sina Zhejiang News, the country's first blockchain electronic bill platform – Zhejiang blockchain electronic bill platform (hereinafter referred to as "platform") officially launched today. After the Zhejiang citizens go to the hospital, they don't have to go to the window to pay for the money. Through Alipay, you can register, pay, and view the bills. All the information is transferred through the “platform”, and the average medical treatment time is reduced by 60%.

On this line, the first platform of the “Platform” will cover 11 comprehensive hospitals including Zhejiang Yi, Zhejiang 2, Zhejiang University, Shao Yifu Hospital, etc., and will cover more than 100 hospitals in the province by the end of the year.

(covering the list of hospitals)

It is understood that the "platform" was initiated by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance and Alipay, and jointly created by the Provincial Big Data Bureau, the Provincial Health and Health Commission, and the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau.

In December last year, Taizhou Central Hospital became the first pilot institution of the “platform”. As of now, the per capita visit time of patients in this hospital has been reduced from 170 minutes to 75 minutes, a drop of 60%. It is estimated that one year can save invoice printing costs, hardware equipment maintenance and labor costs nearly 20 million, helping the hospital digital reform.

The relevant person in charge of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance said: "Currently, the municipal medical insurance can realize the whole mobile payment, and the medical insurance part is self-settlement, and there is no window queuing in the whole process. The provincial medical insurance is gradually getting through."

Why is the blockchain used in the billing system, the person in charge said that the main fancy blockchain technology has irreversible characteristics. “The blockchain technology cannot be falsified, and the possibility of fake invoices and repeated reimbursement is eliminated.”

Providing blockchain technology support for the “platform” is the ant blockchain technology independently developed by Alipay.

According to Qinglongsheng, an expert in Alipay technology, the blockchain electronic bills are stamped in the whole process from generation, transmission, storage to use. The whole process can be traced and cannot be tampered with. The authenticity of the ticket is guaranteed, so there is no need to print a paper ticket. This is the basis for achieving less queuing and paperless medical treatment.

"Electronic bills will not be lost, and they will be checked at any time. In the future, commercial insurance will be further connected. It takes only a few minutes for users to submit claims online." Qinglong said.

It is reported that in the scene of more than 40 blockchains that Alipay has landed, the Yangtze River Delta region accounts for more than half.

Tencent, another of the BAT giants, has been working in the Pearl River Delta region. In October 2017, Tencent and the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau began to explore the blockchain electronic invoice products; in August 2018, Shenzhen Guomao Rotary Restaurant opened the first blockchain electronic invoice; March 18, 2019, The country's first rail transit blockchain electronic invoice was opened at the Shenzhen Metro Futian Station.

Original article, author: Qin Xiaofeng.

Source: Odaily Planet Daily

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