ETC Atlantis hard fork or expected to be carried out in the 875,000 block

On April 6, the ETC team held an Atlantis hard forked teleconference. Donald McIntyre, former business development manager of the ETC development team, sent a summary of the highlights of the meeting. The ETC team proposed that Atlantis hard forks be carried out on the 87500000 block of the ETC main network. The proposed changes to the discussion at the meeting were: 1. "Spurious Dragon" status clearance; 2. "Virtual Dragon" contract code size limit; 3. Add "Byzantium" Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) opcode ; 4. "Byzantium EVM precompiled contract", including "addition and scalar multiplication" for calculating certain ETC correlation functions, and other calculation methods involving "modulo power operation"; 5. Changing the way ETC transaction receipts are handled; 6. Modify the ETC's difficulty adjustment algorithm to "Target Average Block Time". In addition, the ETC team also indirectly mentioned other ECIPs including ECIP-1049, changing the current ETC PoW-based mining algorithm.