Monroe coin developer: The ASIC's RandomX algorithm code freeze date is expected to be July

On June 12th, developers behind the privacy currency Monroe are stepping up efforts to prevent professional mining hardware from running on their cryptocurrency network. Howard Chu, founder and CTO of computer software company Symas Corporation, said that four different audits of RandomX are being completed and the code freeze date is expected to be July. The Monroe community is advancing the new mining algorithm RandomX, which aims to make ASICs uncompetitive in the long run. The algorithm may be put into use in October. Community contributor Justin Ehrenhofer said, “I think we will eventually reach a consensus that RandomX will be implemented. This is our best way to protect Monroe. If it fails, then Monroe may turn to ASIC-friendly algorithms.” According to community contributor Diego Salazar, RandomX is Monero's "last effort to keep ASIC out." According to Howard Chu, RandomX is designed to be "CPU-centric" and the CPU is the world's most widely distributed computing resource. With the goal of demining the largest miners, Chu predicts that at least in the next three to five years, RandomX will give CPU mines a more favorable lead than ASICs. In addition, the algorithm will make the CPU miner superior to the GPU miner.