The “Suspected Runway Fund Protection Program” was launched today, and the first batch of 18 institutions joined

On June 12th, it was three days since the fortune wallet TokenStore was suspected of running. Today, local rights activists are still actively rushing to the relevant departments to reflect the situation. The information collected from the rights group shows that the number of victims has risen to 3,000, and the amount of fraud has not been known, but it has already exceeded 100 million yuan. In the face of this incident, Babbitt launched a “suspected plan to protect the road” plan to security companies, exchanges, wallets, lawyers, etc., with a view to helping victims to recover their assets as much as possible. After the proposal was issued, the parties responded quickly. Up to now, there have been security companies such as Send Shield, Chengdu Chain Security, Beijing Chain Security, and Dimensional Security, Firecoin, Bithumb and other exchanges, Cobo Wallet, Bitt, Tiger Wallet, Coin, BitKeep, Firecoin Wallet, etc. , as well as law firms such as Zhong Lun Law Firm and Guo Hao Law Firm joined the plan. This list is still being updated, and Babbitt will continue to pay attention to the progress of this matter. Application Form for “Suspected Runway Funds Guardian Program”:, details: