Analysis: John McAfee launches McAfee Magic, a cryptocurrency trading platform, but many details

On June 12th, John McAfee, the father of anti-virus software, announced the launch of McAfee Magic, a new cryptocurrency trading platform. He tweeted, "I am sorry that my masterpiece trading platform is late… but it is better than late. (Next week will be a debit card)" However, although McAfee Magic seems to be new, the company is made up of Platform trading business company Arbitraging provides support. In fact, the company's website FAQ proudly said, "This is the second software that is worthy of the McAfee brand." The McAfee Magic trading platform will allow global registered users to trade cryptocurrencies on multiple exchanges. One of the surprising statements on the McAfee Magic website is that the platform can be used legally in any jurisdiction. However, there is reason to be skeptical about this statement because cryptocurrency transactions are still illegal in many countries around the world. Remarks: On June 7, McAfee said it will give 20 members of the McAfee Bitcoin debit card to the media next week, which will be available to the public within a few weeks.