Algorand CEO deleted the statement that “team tokens are not locked”, saying that “will hold team tokens for a long time”

On June 12th, Algorand CEO Steven Kokinos deleted his article on June 8th about the project team's token unlocking, and published a new article, changing the "project team tokens do not lock the warehouse" Expression. The new article stated that “will hold the team token for a long time and will not sell it” and said that it will use the team token to participate in the consensus and help protect the network security, but it will never represent more than 49% of the votes, the team token will also support And encourage the development of ecosystems. But in an article published on June 8, Steven Kokinos's statement was: "We have been asked many times whether the founder's token will be restricted or locked. In short, our answer is no. Algorand consciously decided to allow our tokens to trade freely, thereby supporting the early activity and security of the network and supporting the ecosystem." The previous statement made the market generally interpreted as Algorand's team tokens will not lock, but in the newly updated article, these statements are not mentioned.