The attraction of foreign provincial graduates PK: North to Shenzhen, Hangzhou, mainly benefited from the digital economy

On June 12th, the "Blue Book of Employment 2019" released by Michaels recently showed that the top four cities in the major cities are Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. Among them, the proportion of Beijing is as high as 85%, Shanghai is 80%, and Shenzhen and Hangzhou are 68% and 60% respectively. Hangzhou, which ranks fourth, has seen a surge in talents in recent years, mainly due to the digital economy and rapid urban economic growth. This year's Hangzhou government work report shows that in 2018, Hangzhou implemented the “No. 1 Project” in depth, and the competitiveness of digital economy advantages such as e-commerce, cloud computing and big data, digital content and information security continued to improve, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. The future industry is booming. The added value of the core industry of the city's digital economy is expected to reach 332 billion yuan, an increase of about 15%.