Yangcheng Evening News: Guangdong is at the forefront of the country in new economic, new technology, new financial fields such as blockchain technology and digital currency

On June 13th, the Yangcheng Evening News published an article: What is the secret of the successful transformation and upgrading of the Pearl River Delta economy? 》. The article pointed out that the current economic restructuring of Guangdong has made significant progress, the quality and efficiency of development have improved significantly, and the overall entry into the ranks of innovative economies, the modern industrial system has basically taken shape, and the new open economy system has basically been established. Especially in the new economy, new technology and new financial fields, Guangdong is at the forefront of the country. Internet, mobile internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, internet finance, financial technology, blockchain technology, digital currency, personalization, sensing technology, VR, AR, MR, sharing economy, new energy vehicles, automatic Driving skills and so on are at the forefront of the country.