Legal Daily: Using Blockchain to Build a Legal Supervision Data Theory System

On June 13, the Legal Daily published an article entitled "From "Forensics" to "Certificate of Deposit" – Using the Blockchain to Build a System of Legal Supervision Data. The article points out that as far as the procuratorial organ's position is concerned, to complete the historical mission of the four major procuratorial work of the new era, the "authoritative blockchain" system that we need to establish can be named as "legal supervision chain", and all hope to prove that it exists simultaneously. The authenticity of the data of the certificate and the terminal of the unit, group and individual who are expected to be identified as evidence in the judicial process can join the node. For the data on these terminals, they are generated, in addition to being stored as usual, a hash value (data fingerprint) is generated, and the hash value is periodically uploaded to the "legal supervision chain". The move means that solid and reliable information technology has endorsed the authenticity of the relevant data.