Market Analysis: Bitcoin continues to attack 8300 pressure level, ETH returns to important mark


After a few days of shock consolidation, BTC finally broke through the shackles of the $8,000 integer mark and rose to a maximum of $8,199. Next, we believe that after the target is completed, it will continue to attack the pressure level around $8,300 and observe that point. After the position can break through, if the volume breaks through this point, the target will hit a new high, and defend well. If it falls back below 8,000 dollars, it may quickly fall below $7,500 to form a head and shoulders, paying attention to risks.


ETH has returned to the important threshold of 260 US dollars. It is still fluctuating at this point. In terms of current trading volume, it is difficult to pass it once. Unless there is a heavy volume pull, a breakthrough of 260 US dollars will hit a new high, and individuals are more inclined. The trend of the shock in the short term has not changed, and will return to the support level of 245 US dollars in the near future.


The rebound of XRP is not strong. The overall performance of this round has been inactive. It still fluctuates within the range of 0.37-0.48 USD. The trading volume has not been effectively enlarged. At present, there is no sign of capital intervention. It is not recommended.


LTC rose to a maximum of 143.15 US dollars, failed to successfully break through the pressure of 143 US dollars, and then appeared back to the tread action, yesterday put out a heavy cross, and is still above 5 antennas, the average line is long, macd indicator gold fork up , maintain the strong characteristics, the expectations have not been fulfilled, so the target's decline may be very limited. Yesterday we also mentioned in the analysis that there may be an hourly level of decline, support is around 130 US dollars, still need to observe 130 today If the target continues to fall, it may return to step 122, but it cannot fall below 120. If it falls below that point, it should leave.


BCH still maintains a narrow range of fluctuations, the volume continues to shrink, and no funds have been found to intervene. The shape of the head and shoulders is still effective, and the volume of the right shoulder is getting smaller and smaller, the shorts are easy to suppress, and the medium-term adjustment is expected to remain unchanged. At the time level, we see that the target has gone out of a triangle to sort out the trend. If we can effectively support the vicinity of the $370 in the short term, if the point cannot be effectively supported, the target will be moved down to $337, paying attention to the risk.


In the process of constructing the head and shoulders of the EOS, the 5 antennas and 10 antennas began to level off, and the macd indicator is already close to the zero-axis area. Whether the macd tends to zero axis can trigger a wave of rebound, and the time-sharing level has an upward rebound requirement. The pressure above is around 6.5 US dollars. If you break through 6.5 USD, you may challenge the previous high again. If you can't break through, you will repeatedly oscillate the right shoulder part of the head and shoulders in the range of 5.8-6.5 USD.


Today, LTC began to adjust, and the rest of the mainstream currencies began to strengthen. The best performance should be the platform currency BNB. At present, BNB has come to the vicinity of the high, paying attention to the pressure of the high of 35.5 US dollars. In the short term, it may return to step 34. The pressure, I personally think that the target's high probability will hit a new high, or to do a good job of defense, fell below $34 to lighten up, fell below $32.5 to wait and see.

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