BM: The latest test results show that the EOS main network can be maintained at 3800TPS

According to MEET.ONE, BM just appeared in the telegraph group to respond and shared the dynamics of the development team: 1.B1 has too much work to do, but we don’t have enough developers, we are taking responsibility It is also recruiting, training and growing at the fastest speed; 2. Our latest tests show that 3800 tps can be maintained without disrupting transactions on the 21-node network. We are working on database solutions and multi-threaded execution to achieve higher goals. We have a complete team dedicated to automated performance testing; 3. Some members ask: Is it possible to integrate anonymous transactions into EOS? BM: I am still researching, there has been some progress, but I have to deal with EOS and Voice first; 4. I am working on a completely private, 200% decentralized social network as the corresponding product of Voice. We need both products.