The data shows that the Litecoin trend is stable and there is still room for upside.

According to Tokenview data, the number of active addresses of Litecoin in the past 24 hours was 104,305, which was 17.79% higher than the daily average number of active addresses in the past seven days; the number of new addresses was 49,127, and the number of newly added addresses increased by 20.91 in the past seven days. %. In the past 24 hours, the transaction amount in the chain was 794,973.77 LTC, down 30.77% from 24 hours ago. The number of transactions on the chain in LTC in the past 24 hours was 38,017, up 3.09% from 24 hours ago. The number of active and new addresses on the Wright currency chain is still above the seven-day moving average, and the trading activity on the chain has remained at a relatively high level, and the overall position is still on the upward trajectory.