Babbitt SheKnows丨Axonomy Tao Quming: There are two major types of DeFi projects in the future.

Babbitt News, today (June 13) 11:00, the first community interview section of Babbitt #SheKnows# The fourth phase of the event officially opened. In the morning around the theme of "DeFi", Axonomy CEO Tao Quming said that there will be two major types of DeFi projects in the future. One is based on the underlying technology and capability development, like Hydro and DOS we see today. Another project, such as Network, is a technology capability for end-user integration and integration of blockchains, providing DiFi projects that are suitable for specific user-specific scenarios. He also pointed out that the bottom chain public link project of the blockchain is like the chassis and engine of the automobile. The first type of DeFi project produces all kinds of cars on the public chain, but the average user basically has no ability to drive, so the first need The second-class DeFi project provides a variety of services, such as taxi services, long-distance passenger services, freight services, etc., users finally enjoy the new services and Internet products that DeFi provides in the traditional Internet era.