The data shows: the mainstream transaction, so the trading volume of Taifang has skyrocketed, and the number of DAI active addresses has remained at a high level.

According to TokenGazer data analysis, Ethereum followed Bitcoin into the upside range, driving more market enthusiasm. As of 11:00 on June 13th, Ethereum price was $258.19, total market value was $27,520.5M, and mainstream exchange volume was approximately $367.1. M, increased by 90% compared with yesterday; in terms of fundamentals, the trading volume of the Ethereum chain continued to decline, the number of active addresses has rebounded, the computing power has remained relatively stable, and the total transaction volume on DApp has shown a certain downward trend. The 30-day developer index About 2.63; the current total market value of ERC20 tokens is about 61.98% of the total market value of Ethereum, which is 0.88% lower than yesterday; in terms of ERC20 active addresses, the top five tokens are DAI, NOAH, USDC, TUSD, BNB, based on The market's rising expectations for Ethereum, DAI's active address number continues to maintain a high level.