Bystack Flint Program – Consensus Node Recruitment Global Bank (Hangzhou Station) Registration Officially Opened

Babbitt News, on the afternoon of June 16th (Sunday), the Bystack Flint Project – Consensus Node Recruitment Global Bank (Hangzhou Station) will be held on the 6th floor of Xuebo Building, Wenhua Campus, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics. By then, Babbitt, the founder of the original chain, the former chain CFO Li Zongchong, imToken chief security officer Blue, Xinghuo pool China market leader Qiu Xiaodong, Jianan blockchain general manager, Bisheng Capital founding partner Shao Jianliang, ChainX co-founder Yue Lipeng will discuss the basic principles of Bystack, node recruitment plan and Staking economic model. The event is free and the quota is limited. Click on the Babbitt APP-“Event” to register.