Babbitt SheKnows, Eric's fan content executive, Ajian: Ethereum 2.0 slice mode will have a greater impact on DeFi

Babbitt News, today (June 13) 11:00, the first community interview section of Babbitt #SheKnows# The fourth phase of the event officially opened. In the morning around the theme of "DeFi", when Aifang, the head of the Ethereum enthusiast content, was asked "How does Ethereum 2.0 affect DeFi?", he said that from the technical stack, the ether Square 2.0 means PoS consensus mechanism (Casper), sharding, and eWASM (a new virtual machine that replaces EVM). The two most influential to DeFi are the latter two. The more complicated problem in the fragmented blockchain is the so-called contract cross-slicing interaction, that is, the contract in one fragment needs to call the contract in another fragment, and will not call each other like the current Ethereum chain contract. simple. I haven't seen a particularly good solution so far. In contrast, the fragmentation mode will of course have a greater impact on DeFi, because one of the highlights of DeFi is its composability, which means that different protocols can be freely combined. This is based on the premise that the interaction between the contracts is convenient enough. But because the segmentation interaction will be completed in the third phase of Serenity, there are still many uncertain factors, so I don't think I have to rush to make a conclusion.