TS Run Road Funding Action: No need for an exchange to help identify suspicious wallet addresses

According to blockchain security company PeckShield data, as of now, PeckShield security personnel have found that TokenStore wallet running funds (ETC part) have 5 totals, 42,746 ETCs flow into the address of a suspected exchange (0xB2e4A7eFfa598B71408ca708BD3ea85b49a0968E ). At present, we can only initially judge the possibility of being an exchange through the historical transaction record of the address, and need further assistance in the identification of the exchange, and take relevant measures to implement the blockade. I hereby appeal to the exchange's friends to join the running fund fundkeeping action, please contact us in time (Telegram address: https://t.me/peckshield), we will share GitHub and disclose more suspicious addresses. In order to timely track the blocking of suspicious funds, to avoid fraudulent money to escape.