Babbitt columnist Lightning: CSW provides the address of 70 blocks and the statement is his, but no evidence is provided

Today, it is reported that Dr. Craig Wright confirmed in court that he has mined the top 70 bitcoin blocks. According to foreign media sources, according to court documents: "The defendant (CSW) filed a motion on April 19, 2019, explaining that he could provide the public address of the first 70 blocks of Bitcoin and provided them." Babbitt immediately interviewed the columnist lightning on this matter. Lightning said that the link only said that CSW provided the address of 70 blocks and declared that it was his. But did not say what evidence CW provides. This proves that CSW owns the private key of the coinbase address of the 70 blocks. However, if it is to prove that the 70 block is "digging" out of the CSW, it is necessary to provide the software, hardware and operation log of the mining at that time, which can be close to the proof.