Tao Quming: 90% of users are not concerned with DeFi technology itself, but with new profit opportunities created by DeFi technology.

On the morning of June 13, Babit's first community interactive interview column, She Knows, the first phase of the first DeFi technology special event kicked off. The topic of the dialogue was "DeFi, what is the new financial technology?" 》. Tao Quming, CEO of blockchain investment community Axonomy, said that 90% of users are not using DeFi technology itself, but new investment and profit opportunities created by DeFi technology. After the emergence of the centralized exchange, Bitcoin developed from the geek circle to the mainstream market, and the wealth effect continued to attract new capital, talents and technology into the blockchain industry, and today's development. Therefore, centralized technology and applications are greatly promoting the development of decentralized technologies and applications.