PeckShield: The MGC wallet is suspected of running, with 1,480 ETHs flowing into the Bittrex exchange.

According to PeckShield Digital Asset Escrow System (AML) data, yesterday, the MGC wallet was suspected of running, and the user's digital assets were aggregated to the first two addresses at 0x4f9cxx and 0x2b29xx in a short time. At noon today, PeckShield monitored one of the addresses starting with 0x4f9cxx to start multiple money laundering operations: first, transfer all the funds to different new addresses multiple times, and then transfer the funds from the new address to the Bittrex exchange, totaling 1,480. ETH, worth more than 2.6 million yuan. There are currently 1,680 ETHs stored in another address at the beginning of 0x2b29xx, and there is a possibility of further flow to the exchange. In view of the recent wallet running events, PeckShield reminds users to pay attention to identify some suspicious "fraud" wallets, and carefully participate in investment to avoid loss of digital assets.