Jarvis Plus empowers communities with AI+ blockchains, making you truly the master of data

In the early 2018, the AI+ blockchain star project [Jarvis Plus] brought top-level token investment institutions distributed capital, NGC, LongHash, and the team Microsoft AI background was a sensation. After 1 year of development, Jarvis Plus 1.0 has been completed, and it has become increasingly mature in blockchain community growth and community management. 2B's products and services include distributed, LongHash, and NEO projects, and accumulated a large amount of real data corpus. At the time when the 618 e-commerce merchants had discounts, the Jarvis Plus project also freed the general user bot robot Grouplus for a limited time. You can apply for the telegram bot robot for free at grouplus.ai. Stephen Wei, founder of Jarvis Plus, said that WeChat robot service is also growing rapidly. In the future, all group chat data serviced by Jarvis Plus bot will be stored in the blockchain, so that everyone can truly become the master of their own data. The impact of Facebook privacy doors.