Announcement | DIPL will be officially launched at 12:00 on June 15th at 12:00

According to official news, YouBank trading platform officially opened DIPL recharge at 12:00 on June 13th, and will be online at 12:00 on June 15th and DIPL for 12:00 on June 17th. DIPL (Intelligence Data Pool) is an international blockchain intelligent data application system that truly has a profitable business model and is integrated with the landing scene. DIPL targets the 100 billion intelligent data market and transforms its three core technologies through data integration analysis, data pass-through model and data intelligence transformation. Taking the game ecology as the starting point, we will optimize the application of data in various fields, realize the value transformation of data, and develop the intelligent development of data. In the future, DIPL technology will gradually extend to social, medical, and financial fields.