Opinion | GPU mining in the next two years, the bonus is still

A new round of entry opportunities has emerged

The bear market is over, and the new rising cycle of raccoon and cattle is brewing . Why is it that the bear market is over? Because the market first changed the trend of the bear market, and there was a continuous increase in volume, it completely went out of the inertia of the bear market decline. The second is that under the expectation of reducing production, users continue to look at it, and their emotions are very strong. Many people have more confidence in the future. The third one, watching the changes in Bitcoin's total network computing power, has already broken through a new high, re-entering a rising cycle, and Ethereum has begun to show a reversal trend. ‌‌

Under the expectation of a reduction in production expectations and new technological changes, there are some new fundamental benefits within the entire digital currency that are brewing. First, Bitcoin and Litecoin are nearing production cuts, and then the lightning network is maturing, and Ethereum's 2.0 technology is constantly making progress. Then these technologies will be upgraded in a certain period of time. To support a new round of rise. ‌‌

The third point is that as a miner, one of the benefits of the miners is the potential for the price of the currency to rise, and the second is the cost of mining. ‌‌ Currently entering the flood season, the electricity bill already has a very low cost advantage. ‌‌ At present, compared with the reasonable price of mining machine, ‌‌ combines a relatively low electricity cost, aside the market factor, and the low cost of mining is a good opportunity for entry. Let me give you an example. When the price of mining machines was low, the 700 yuan S9 ant mining machine and the 1,500 yuan panda mining machine, many people missed the low price. But when we enter the market now, we are faced with a more clear opportunity. The value of the mining machine returned, but it is still undervalued. Because we can see that the situation is already very clear, the current price of mining machines is not suitable for investment, and a new round of investment opportunities for mining has emerged.

Hesitation and entanglement of GPU miners – ETA's turn to POS process

Litecoin or Bitcoin is nearing production cuts, Bitcoin will be cut in May 2020, and Litecoin will cut production in August 2019. The miners have begun to gear up and think about digging coins before cutting production. For the Ethereum miners, it is rather embarrassing and entangled. They are always worried that the mining machine in their hands can no longer mine, and the mining enthusiasm of the miners is greatly reduced. First, analyze a development roadmap of Ethereum, and it will take nearly one to two years to completely transfer from POW to POS. At the end of the year or until the beginning of next year, it will gradually transform into a POW+POS hybrid chain, and then it will take a time period to fully transition to POS. In this time period, it is a very good mining bonus period. In fact, we can compare the previous round. 17 years ago, it was the incubation period of Ethereum mining. It was also before the next round of the market before the POS. A good time for mining. We often talk about the halving of bitcoin production. With a round of bull market, the production of Litecoin is halved, and the current price of coins is also skyrocketing. Ethereum's own economic policy will also reduce production supply, and it will be more intense than Bitcoin and Litecoin. ‌‌In the current major currency inflation rate: 3.7% Bitcoin, 4.3% in Ethereum, 8.47% in Litecoin, annual inflation after production reduction: 1.8% in Bitcoin, 4.1% in Litecoin, and annual inflation rate after Ethereum to POS Expected to be less than 1%. Such a strong consensus currency, and the number of wallet addresses of users has been increasing, the community influence has been increasing, and the growth rate is very fast, no less than bitcoin. ‌‌‌‌ While reducing production significantly, then we have reason to believe that Ethereum has a higher growth expectation and a supporting base for technology than other currencies.

In the process of Etofang's turn to pos, you need to pick up the nodes to conduct mortgage mining. Some of the Ethereum will be locked into the POS network for mining. This is divided into two parts. After the first part of the entire POS network is mature, There will be 1/3 of the Ethanol coins used for mortgages, of course, not completely locked, so the market liquidity will be reduced; the second part, from the POW to the POS process, because the initial stage is completely different Chain, the whole process is the process of the coins on the POW chain continuously changing to the POS chain. The coins in the network are frozen for a long time. You can only wait until the Ethereum is completely transferred before you can begin to circulate. So from the beginning of the POS to the beginning of the POS, the Ethereum will enter a new deflation cycle .

Under the ‌‌GAS mechanism of Ethereum 2.0, a portion of the enamel currency, which is a handling fee, will be destroyed, which will also aggravate the existing production cuts in Ethereum. After Ethereum completed the transfer to POS, in addition to the reduction in the supply of economic policy, Ethereum entered the 2.0 stage, which means that the performance of the calculation will be a thousand times higher than the present one. This major benefit is even more powerful. A support. ‌‌

At present, there is still the opportunity to carry out mining in Ethereum. In addition to the potential mining bonus period, there is also a mortuary node after the POS transfer to obtain the corresponding income. In addition to Ethereum, GPU mining has also seen many new small currency mining. Win the ASIC machine, get the corresponding mining income early, and meet the next POW public star.

Author: Panda Minerals