The hardest core blockchain game

If you let me choose the most blocky block game that I can play now, "War Knight" will definitely be within my consideration. Compared with most of the current, I follow the "Mystery Love Cat Mode" and "EOS Knight." In the mode of the blockchain game, the war knight is on the road to a more rugged and broader road.

Combat system

The propaganda video of the War Knight is indeed bloody. After we entered the game, we found that the real quality is no different from the promotional video. The game is set in a wasteland world where everyone uses the chariot as a weapon to compete for necessities, and BZN (in-game token) is the only hard currency in the world.

There are many BZN mining sites on the map, and the player drives the chariot to the mining site to obtain resources. The speed, firepower, armor and other attributes of different chariots are different. Players can also purchase various accessories to transform their chariots. It is expected that players will form a squad in the future, trucks are responsible for mining, tanks are responsible for escorts, and more flexible SUVs are responsible for reconnaissance. Once encountering opponents in the process of collecting BZN, a chariot battle on the Gobi Desert is inevitable.

From the propaganda video, we can see that the War Knight also supports on-hook gameplay, which is also very friendly for players who are tired of playing and killing and only want to make money. There will be different mission levels in the game. You choose several chariots to form a squad and send them to the mission location. After a certain time, if the mission is successful, your squad will be filled with BZN victory. The more difficult the level rewards, the more BZNs will be, and the stronger the team you send, the higher the chances of completing their missions.


In addition, in the early stage of the game, when the number of online users is small and the BZN mine is sufficient, if there is agreement between the players, there is absolutely no need to fight for the mining point. It is only necessary to find the idle mining points to obtain the BZN. In other words, saving money is done. As for the value of BZN, SpiderStore will take you through the economic system of the War Knight.

Economic system

The economic system is always the most important part of the blockchain game. To get into the game, you need to buy a chariot using ETH first, and SpiderDEX is available for sale.


In addition to the chariot, players can also use ETH to purchase chariot parts, basic weapons and garage facilities.


BZN is the most important part of the War Knight's in-game economic system. In-game garage upgrades, advanced weapons, acceleration devices and armor can be purchased using BZN, and some items can only be paid using BZN.


The total amount of BZN is 100 million, of which the game team holds 20% and locks the position for one year, the partner holds 5%, and the remaining 75% are all produced through game mining. BZN will not carry out ICO, you can think of the tank you own as a BZN mining machine.


BZN uses a deflation model, 30% of the BZN consumed by the player in the game is destroyed, and the rest is returned to the mine for the player to mine.

The maximum number of BZNs that can be loaded by different chariots is also different, and the more expensive the BZN is, the more expensive it is.



"Bar Truck Kit" has a BZN capacity of 346


The "Car Tank Kit" has a BZN capacity of 187

Among the above two tanks, the price of the tank is higher, but its maximum BZN capacity is relatively small. At the same time, as its make up, its engine is more powerful, the armor is thicker and the firepower is more fierce.

"BZN capacity" represents the BZN ceiling that the tank can bring back from the battlefield. The game party will link BZN to the US dollar through the item price, 1BZN=0.5USD. If the official sale price of a prop is $25 equivalent ETH, then you can also buy 50BZN to buy this item.

Of course, the official has not promised to maintain the strong relationship between BZN and the US dollar, but they said that the exchange rate of 0.5 US dollars will be maintained until the game is fully released. After that, it will be adjusted according to the specific situation, and the War Knight team will also promote the BZN. Exchange. In any case, each BZN already has a purchasing power of $0.50 in the game, at least one and a half dollars, which sounds really good.

Game installation

As a game of considerable quality, the War Knight needs to download the client to play the game, and the file size exceeds 3G after the installation.

Official download address:

SpiderStore has already helped everyone upload the latest version of the client to the Baidu network disk, download and unzip it, and the compressed package size is about 1.23G.

Download address:

Extraction code: n1pi

Unzip password: spiderdex

As of writing, the War Knight has been updated to version, 0.5 patch, the old version of the client can click "REPAIR" to update.


We also need to register an account to enter the game, click on the following link:, after the page is loaded, the website will submit an authorization to the metamask to apply for login.


Click "CREATE A NEW GAME ACCOUNT" to register an account. Dapp

Enter the email address, create your game login password (non-mailbox password!!!), click "CREATE ACCOUNT", then the currently registered Ethereum account is associated with the game account you just created, we then open the client to use the mailbox Sign in with your account.

On June 9, US time, the War Knights conducted the first multiplayer combat test, with a total of hundreds of participants. As the test closed the weapon system, hundreds of people opened bumper cars on the Gobi Desert.


This weekend, the multiplayer combat mode will be turned on again, and the weapon system will be opened. The game will be patched again. The friends who like this game must not miss it.

The development of blockchain games has so far, the success of "Mystery Love Cat" and "EOS Knight" has attracted a large number of developers to follow suit, and this has led to a situation of serious homogenization of blockchain games. War knight is a good attempt, we may not be able to guarantee whether BZN can always maintain the exchange rate of 1BZN=0.5USD, but at least, this is a game that can bring more pure fun, and is a blockchain game belt. More possibilities are coming.

The War Knight has reached an in-depth cooperation with SpiderStore and SpiderDEX. The War Knight will conduct a chariot promotion for Chinese players through SpiderDEX during this weekend's multiplayer test, with up to 300BZN, and SpiderStore will provide you with the most comprehensive BZN acquisition tutorial. .