Shenyu: Beware of the fish and the dat file transferred on the dark network

On June 14th, F2Pool fish pond co-founder Shenyu issued a WeChat screenshot on Weibo for selling wallet.dat files. The text in the picture shows: the bitcoin core wallet wallet.dat file, 8 wallets total 615 BTC. Because wallet.dat has encryption, you need to crack the password to get bitcoin. Because the computing power is not enough, the cracking idea is wrong, so the private chat is sold. The sacred fish first commented that this is a scam. The scammer changed the public key of the wallet.dat generated by himself to the map in 2009. The dat has no private watch-like watchonly wallet, and then sells it at a high price. Then said, "Additional instructions to the source of the screenshot of WeChat contact me, he spent the real bitcoin bought this dat the hobbit, not a liar, everyone is wary of the fish and the dark network transfer."