"618" shopping festival e-commerce giants trick play blockchain experts said that relying on "chain" to solve commodity security "a little difficult"

The mid-year shopping festival "618" kicked off, and the major e-commerce platforms made every effort to attract consumers with various marketing methods. It is interesting to note that as a new generation of information technology, the blockchain with the natural features of “pseudo-fidelity” has been gradually applied to the traceability of commodity safety, and has become a weapon for the quality of goods in major business outlets.

From the no-brain to the crowd, the highly sought-after blockchain technology is increasingly recognized by the society, but at the same time, the overheated blockchain is also subject to speculation and unclear business value. Is blockchain technology too much for the safe tracking of goods?

In this regard, a number of industry experts told reporters that blockchain technology can indeed solve the pain point of the current product safety traceability, but also face the real problems of the chain information fraud, blockchain address and product inconsistency, should be objectively and rationally Blockchain technology. Some experts also pointed out that this requires blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other new technologies to fully integrate, using the Internet of Things hardware equipment to accurately collect and intelligently analyze the data, and truly make the blockchain empowerment industry.

Not just data winding

Taobao shows the new trick of "small game"


A few days ago, Jingdong Zhiyi Chain issued a document describing the performance of Jingdong during the “618” promotion period, and also revealed the progress of the blockchain in Jingdong District. It is reported that as of February this year, Jingdong Haishu Global, Jingdong Fresh, 7FRESH and other Jingdong online and offline business ecology, more than 700 brands have access to Jingdong global blockchain quality traceability plan, over 50,000 products To achieve consumer scan code query traceability information, has accumulated more than 1.3 billion uplink data, more than 2.8 million after-sales user access queries, covering fresh, agricultural, maternal, alcohol, beauty, 3C, second-hand, luxury goods , clothing, medicine, convenience stores, cross-border traceability and other categories of scenes.

The reporter found that in Jingdong's traceable food classification ratio, fresh food accounted for 64%, which reflects consumers' emphasis on food safety. Some analysts pointed out that because the blockchain itself has a time-stamping and consensus mechanism, the natural traceability attribute is applied to fresh, mainly to solve the credibility problem in the logistics process.

Not only Jingdong, Taobao, and Suning are on the layout of blockchain commodity safety traceability. During the "Double 11" period in 2018, in the Tmall International Mall, the products traced by the blockchain will cover more than 100 countries and regions, and the number of commodities will reach 150 million. The commodities involved mainly include cross-border commodities such as diamonds, imported milk powder and imported health products. During the "618" period last year, Suning Tesco's self-developed blockchain commodity traceability system was fully launched in Suning Tesco and offline stores, and the double-line guarantees the quality of goods and refuses counterfeit goods.

It is worth noting that during the "618" period, Taobao had a new gameplay game, which was considered to be a clever use of blockchain thinking. Taobao launched the "618" ideal cat activity, consumers can play a small game, consume "coin" to synthesize a high-grade cat melon divided into 300 million red packets.

In this regard, there are blockchain industry insiders believe that this small game can be regarded as a blockchain system. The behavior of users to earn coins by browsing shops and synthesizing kittens can be regarded as “mining”. The more browsing, the more browsing The more synthetic kittens, the more income they gain, and then enter a higher level to divide more red packets, which can be regarded as a consensus mechanism. In such a clever little game setting, the role of blockchain thinking has been played to make the participants feel refreshed.

Commodity safety traceability scene

Blockchain "single banner" is a bit difficult


At present, the industry generally believes that China's blockchain technology is in the early stage of exploration, and there are still three to five years from the scale of commercial scenes. The field of commodity safety traceability will be one of the first blockchain scenarios.

Blockchain technology can indeed solve the pain point of commodity safety. Wu Tong, deputy director of the CECBC blockchain special committee and dean of the Digital Economy Business School, explained to the "Securities Daily" reporter that the blockchain advantage lies in its role as a distributed accounting system that is difficult to tamper with. The data has a time stamp and the tampering cost is high, which is in good agreement with the recording requirements of the data in the commodity traceability anti-counterfeiting business.

Shen Meng, founder of Dashou Printing Technology, also held this view. He told reporters that “the blockchain can be used for product traceability applications because of its decentralized distributed storage and time stamping functions.” Another blockchain startup company The founder made a more detailed explanation: Blockchain technology is applicable to commodity anti-counterfeiting traceability, especially for regulatory or industrial closed-loop scenarios. The blockchain data can not be falsified and the transaction traceability is combined. It can eradicate the counterfeit and inferior problems in the product circulation process in the supply chain, solve the trust problem existing in the traditional traceability, and protect the consumer rights.

It is precisely because the blockchain is of great benefit in solving the traceability of commodity safety, e-commerce companies are sparing no effort to promote their technological advantages. “In the practical application scenarios of the business, the use of blockchain traceability technology can endorse the brand, bring additional benefits to the enterprise and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise.” The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology analyzed in the previous issue of the 2018 China Blockchain Industry White Paper. .

However, it should be noted that the current blockchain technology still has limitations in the application of this scenario.

Shen Meng believes that the credibility of traceability information depends on other supporting mechanisms. For example, the information on the uplink cannot be tampered with, but how to ensure the authenticity of the information when it is on the chain becomes a problem.

Blockchain still has challenges in the context of commodity safety traceability, Wu Tong said, “On the one hand, the identification at the source still requires centralization agency certification. Once the false information is authenticated and the chain is transferred, the harm is even greater; on the other hand, Most of the traceability sources are that the QR code is not a commodity, and the goods in the package may be transferred. The blockchain still cannot avoid this problem."

It can be seen that there are problems such as falsification of product information before the chain and difficulty in matching the products. To this end, a well-known company CEO in the field of traceability told reporters that this requires blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other new technologies to fully integrate, using IoT hardware equipment to accurately collect and intelligently analyze data, and truly make blocks Chain empowerment industry.

Source: Securities Daily

Author: Xing Meng