MatPool "6·18" power carnival, the lowest can enjoy 0 rate discount, lottery

From 10:00 on June 14th, 20th to 20th, July 30th, Beijing time, MatPool will launch a special event, BTM miners will be able to access MatPool, and enjoy a minimum rate of 0. Content details: During the event, the BTM mine's power calculation value is less than 1M, the rate is 50% discount; 1M-5M, the rate is 30% discount; greater than 5M, the rate is 0% discount. The rate discount applies to the PPS rate currently in the mining pool for the primary account and all sub-accounts under the name. In addition, "6·18" powers big carnival, draw a big gift. During the period from 10:00 on June 14th, 20th to 20th June, 2019, Beijing time, users who have access to MatPool will be able to participate in the lucky draw. Both new and old users can participate. First prize, full currency lifetime free discount 劵 1 second prize, currency gift package (computing power 3 fold coupon) 10 third prize, 30 lucky draws around the package for Beijing time July 1 2019 day. After the results of the winnings are announced, the official will contact the winning users for the first time, and the prizes will be issued within 7 working days after the event ends. Official website link: