Beijing comprehensively pushes "to join hands with building nets and prevent common governance", and has zero tolerance for illegal fund-raising activities under the banner of "blockchain" and "virtual currency".

According to the Beijing News, on June 13, Beijing held a 2019 "Working Together to Build a Network and Preventing and Managing the Country" to prevent illegal fund-raising and publicity activities. It is understood that illegal fund-raising activities have been characterized by "internet across the Internet" in recent times. There are frequent cases in the Internet financial platform field. Some lawless elements use "blockchain", "virtual currency" and "household for the elderly". The banner raising activities carried out illegal fund-raising activities greatly damaged the interests of the people. The reporter was informed that the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government attached great importance to preventing and combating illegal fund-raising efforts, launched a special rectification campaign for suspected illegal fund-raising in the city, and “zero tolerance” for illegal fund-raising. In the next stage, Beijing will promote the "collectively build the network and prevent the common governance" in an all-round and multi-angle manner to prevent illegal fund-raising campaigns, "into the organs, enter the enterprise, enter the school, enter the community, enter the village, enter the family", and tap close to the masses' lives. The popular propaganda form, focusing on the prevention of illegal fund-raising, sweeping away evil and other related knowledge, and comprehensively enhance the people's ability to identify illegal financial activities and risk prevention awareness.