Bitfinex CTO: The 150 million USDT created by the recent Tether Treasury wallet is used to meet future distribution requests.

According to AMBCrypto, Whale Alert monitoring showed that at 18:16:48 on June 11, the Tether Treasury address cast 150 million USDT with a hash value of 0x974df415696175020d70f5f56d52649557c3283e7d1505c1ce7804cf006a8b5a. In this regard, Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino told the community, “This is authorized, but not distributed. It just means that these Tethers are created in the Treasury wallet and will be used to meet future distribution requests.” Tether Treasury is not the only one A preparation for future requests. It is reported that USDC Treasury cast 2009375 USDC at 21:09:54 on June 13 and the trading hash is 0x42c79677df5844d45384ce56f68a448b4ec48bbb4577ffae62ede80f7b8c44cd