BTC rushed to the top of the dawn, this week's closing performance was critically sharp

Abstract: Overnight BTC completed a new high of nearly 10 trading days after the 8200 line was pierced upwards. The price of the early market was adjusted back, and the stability of the key points was determined to be the key to the future monthly level.


Although BTC completed the upward puncture of short-term key resistance yesterday evening, other mainstream currencies did not show significant price follow-up overnight. As shown in the heat map, the market value of the previous currency has been mixed overnight, and the short-term market activity has increased, but there is still no clear long-term unilateral tendency. However, if the BTC can give a clearer signal to stabilize the 8200, the market is expected to usher in a new round of collective rally.


After the BTC completed an effective breakthrough in the trend line resistance of the convergence triangle on the previous stage, the short-term has been running within the range of 8000-8200, and a short-term plunge yesterday led the price to complete. For the accurate back-step confirmation of the resistance conversion support of the upper trend line on the previous triangular structure, the support has been verified and proven many times, and the BTC short-term uptrend has become more and more invented.

Especially after the price completed the upward piercing of the short-term key resistance of 8200 yesterday evening, the upper space has been further opened. As of the deadline, the price remains above 8200, while the previous 4-hour K-line harvest The long shadow line cross star shows the entanglement of the short-term market to a large extent, so the confirmation of this key point is expected to take more time, and the short-term stalking will pay close attention to the stable situation near the location.

Taking into account the particularity of the 8200 first-line resistance, it is recommended to use the 4-hour level graph as a reference period to judge whether the position is stable or not. At least wait patiently for the 4-hour level graph to give a clearer stabilization rebound signal and then do more single follow-up. Steady, the market hesitation stage with space for confidence is the rational choice, confirm that the first goal after the break will be able to look back to the 8900 line, further break is expected to hit the 10000 integer mark, so do not have to obsessed with the confirmation Part of the space lost in the potential phase.



BCH led the mainstream currency overnight. With the surge of the market in the early morning, the price has already completed the initial breakthrough of the 409 line of an irregular arc-bottom structure neckline 409 in the past 10 trading days, 4 hours. A level K line closes above the position and dates back to exactly 10 days. Therefore, although the cross star was closed 4 hours after the rapid morning high and fell further in the early session, the key support for the exact overlap between the important golden line of 409 and the bottom of the neckline is to stabilize the short-term. Whether the market can further expand the key to the increase.

Therefore, the logic of BCH disk follow-up is not complicated at present. It is very important that the price can be maintained in the 409 line during this callback process. If the market can give at least one hour level stabilization signal above the position, you can try to start. After batching more than one single layout, after 409 stabilized, the 409-423 area was regarded as a reasonable area for multiple layouts. Once the market was completed, the 423 line was effectively upgraded, and the upper space was quickly opened to the 443-452 area. However, if the price quickly falls back below 409 and cannot complete the rapid recovery of the position, the situation will restart the redirection within the 409-392 interval. No new positions will be opened in the interval, waiting for the next break signal to be judged. .



LTC frustrated after hitting the 140-150 strong resistance area, and has already recovered to the key point of the first few trading days of 131, and maintained a more than one month of rising channel. The short-term first support that was later converted into a test was once again ushered in. The key resistance of the recent round of market callback of 0.382 and the mid-channel structure edge trend line constitute a short-term strong support area. Whether the LTC can maintain the 126-131 support zone before the weekend has become the key to the short-term trading direction.

Exploring the above-mentioned range and stabilizing, the shocks and gains are innocent. After the completion of the confirmation of this clear technical support, there will be at least a re-examination of the existing high point of the 144 line in the short-term, so the first A support interval is in place to stabilize, and the price can be regained after 131. You can try to catch a wave of short positions. As the halving node gradually approaches, the LTC transaction has not recommended a heavy position in the short term, and if the market is in this round of callbacks In the process of falling below the 126 line, the new position will not be opened for a short period of time, and the risk event will be cautious.

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