Market Analysis: Short-term difficulty in changing stock game pattern

After a round of warm-up, Sun Yuchen did not let the people who were eating melon disappointed. The time for lunch with Buffett is fixed, and the location is fixed, but it is not the Smith & Wollensky steakhouse that has been in existence for more than a decade. Instead, it moved to San Francisco and went straight to Silicon Valley. Sun Yuchen, who does not follow the routine, can properly receive one vote.

The recent market has not had a strong main line. LTC's production cuts have not made it an amazing performance. It has not brought too much incremental capital to the market. We have seen that the market has not shown a continuous rise, and it is still a During the stock game period, the market may be waiting for the G20 summit at the end of this month. At that time, the leaders of China and the United States may meet. Don’t forget the frost of the honey, if the news of the easing, the cryptocurrency market It could be a disaster.


BTC has reached our important pressure of $8,300, and has since fallen back. It is currently closing at $8224. The volume of the increase is a shrinking state, indicating that the rise is not sustainable, and the target is either shocked or down. Adjustment, I think there may not be a clear direction choice before the end of June. The overall situation is shock-proof. If the volume exceeds $8,300, the target will hit a new high and be well defended. If it falls back below $8,000 again, it may Quickly fall below $7,500 to form the head and shoulders, pay attention to risk.


ETH still failed to pass the important threshold of 260 US dollars. It is still oscillating at this point. In terms of current trading volume, it is difficult to pass it once. Unless there is a heavy volume pull, the breakthrough of 260 US dollars will hit a new high, and the individual will The trend that tends to fluctuate in the short term has not changed, and will return to the support level of $245 in the near future.


XRP has not had any hot catalysts. It has been tepid. At present, it has returned to 5 antennas, and 5 antennas have turned heads upwards. The volume continues to shrink, and there is no sign of capital intervention. It still oscillates within the range of 0.37-0.48 USD. It is not recommended to pay attention.


Funds have appeared to a certain degree of differentiation, the mainstream currencies have risen and fallen, LTC continued to pull back downwards, yesterday hit a low of 128 US dollars, the low point is moving downwards. From the perspective of the daily line, the target moving average system is in a long position, still Stay strong, observe whether the target can stand back to 5 antennas again, and then stand up to 5 antennas, or you can challenge the previous high again. However, as can be seen from the time-sharing chart, the target has the need to continue to step back, observe Can you stop falling at $120?


BCH pulled up strongly yesterday, the highest point hit the previous neckline position near 423 US dollars, but we saw that the volume of the right shoulder is significantly smaller than the left shoulder, no money has been found, the shape of the head and shoulders is still valid, and right The volume of the shoulders is getting smaller and smaller, the shorts are easy to suppress, the medium-term adjustment is expected to remain unchanged, and the support of $400 is seen in the short term.


EOS is still in the process of constructing the head and shoulders, 5 antennas, 10 antennas, gold forks, macd indicators are close to the zero-axis area, the time-sharing level has the need for upward rebound, the upper pressure is around 6.5 US dollars, the breakthrough of 6.5 US dollars may Up to 6.9 US dollars, the amount can limit the rebound height, can not break through within the range of 5.8-6.5 US dollars repeatedly shocked to build the right shoulder part of the head and shoulders.


BNB is still eye-catching, and once again hit a new high yesterday, but failed to stand firm. It has fallen back to the high level nearby. Currently, it is doing shock consolidation. The moving average system will soon form a long position. The macd indicator will also be on the fork, and the overall trend will be more. If it stabilizes near the 5 antennas, it will continue to attack and hit a new high, but it is still necessary to pay attention to defending well, falling below 34 US dollars to lighten up, and falling below 32.5 US dollars to wait and see.

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