The monitoring shows that the bankruptcy of 7074 BTCs has been changed again, and the small amount of funds may have been successfully laundered.

According to blockchain security company PeckShield monitoring, since the hacker attack last month lost 7074 BTCs, the hackers launched a round of intensive money laundering operations, eventually spreading the funds to 7 major addresses. And stopped the transfer. According to the latest data from PeckShield, since June 01, one of the addresses starting with bc1q2r with 1,060 BTCs has experienced frequent changes: 1. The hacker first transferred all 1,060 BTCs to the new address at the beginning of bc1qg6; The hacker also made 12 large cuts of 1060 BTCs in the new address, each new address containing 19-120 BTCs. 3. The hacker then cut the small new address opened hundreds of times. Half-cut, cycle back and forth until split into small funds ranging from 1 BTC. PeckShield security personnel analysis believes that some of the decentralized funds are likely to have been successfully sold out. Up to now, the 1,060 BTC transaction funds, there are still 615 BTC temporarily stored in the two addresses at the beginning of bc1qze, bc1qsy, there is the possibility of further division of money laundering.